by Erik_ba, 5-04-2023, 11:11
The Netflix charts are topped by  «Kill Bok Soon» and «Duty After School» is a TVING hit poster With its March 31 release, the action-crime movie Kill Bok Soon entered Netflix's top movies list. For two straight days, it has held the second-place position (April 1 and April 2). The movie has so far gotten a variety of reactions from viewers. If the action movie is regarded deserving by reviewers to receive any international honors, only time will tell.

The Netflix charts are topped by  «Kill Bok Soon» and «Duty After School» is a TVING hit

A single mother who secretly acts as an assassin is the subject of the action-crime movie Kill Bok Soon. The film made its global premiere on February 18, 2023, at the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival. Netflix has Kill Bok Soon available.

Duty After School, meanwhile, won the competition for bringing in paid members during its first week of broadcasting. The youthful sci-fi action series is receiving a ton of favorable feedback.

The performances of the actors, who were cast as students who were forcedly given guns and sent to the battlefield to fight like actual soldiers when their young naivety hasn't yet worn off, as well as the mind-bending Graphics and captivating plot, touched the hearts of the viewers. The emotional toll of losing their loved ones, their comradery despite the disaster, and their hope and sense of justice untarnished by the self-centered adults evoke feelings.

The first installment of the K-drama was released on March 31. The second installment will debut in April. The precise date of release has not yet been determined. 
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