by Erik_ba, 9-04-2023, 19:40
The cast of a new K-Drama includes Lee Seo Jin, Yoon Chan Young, and Bong Jae Hyun! poster On April 6, it was formally announced that Lee Seo Jin, Yoon Chan Young, and Bong Jae Hyun would play the major characters in the Korean drama I, a Gangster, Became a High Schooler, which is based on a web book. In the first half of 2023, production on the upcoming series will begin.

In I, a criminal, Became a High Schooler, a criminal who sacrificed his life in a vehicle accident to save a high school student who was attempting suicide is told of his ordeal. In the future, he'll discover that his physique has been transformed into that of a high school kid. A similar web novel by Ho Rol will serve as the story's inspiration.

The next K-drama's broadcast channel and date have not yet received formal announcements.

The cast of a new K-Drama includes Lee Seo Jin, Yoon Chan Young, and Bong Jae Hyun!

The character Kim Deuk Pal, played by Lee Seo Jin, is a 47-year-old criminal who can change into a high school student. Although he appears haughty, he is sincere and tenacious. He desires to finish high school and enroll in college.

A shy and reserved 19-year-old high school student named Song Yi Heon will be portrayed by Yoon Chan Young. He will be in charge of the gangster's 47-year-old body.

The character of Choi Se Kyung, a high school student with attractive features and stellar marks, will be played by Bong Jae Hyun. With his attractiveness, charm, athletic prowess, and intelligence, he is a role model student. The truth is that he has a sensitive and tenacious secret personality.

I, a Gangster, Became a High Schooler will highlight the true value of being a good adult and include heartwarming and humorous passages.
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