by Erik_ba, 21-04-2023, 15:34
The K-drama  «Oh! Youngsimi» starring Lee Dong Hae and Song Ha Yoon from Super Junior is scheduled to premiere in May poster The next Korean drama Oh! Youngsimi will premiere on Genie TV in May!
The script reading for the upcoming K-drama Oh! Youngsimi was documented in images published by Genie TV on April 18. In addition to Lee Dong Hae and Song Ha Yoon from Super Junior, Lee Min Jae and Jung Woo Yeon served as supporting actors.

Oh! Youngsimi will debut on May 15th, it has also been formally announced.

The following series will be the work of writers Jeon Seon Young and filmmakers Kim Eun Kyung and Oh Hwan Min.

Oh! Ten episodes overall, the first two of which will air on Genie TV and ENA, will make up Youngsimi. The release time is set for 10 PM KST on Mondays and Tuesdays.

The K-drama  «Oh! Youngsimi» starring Lee Dong Hae and Song Ha Yoon from Super Junior is scheduled to premiere in May

Oh! Characters from the well-liked animated series Youngshim will serve as the basis for Youngsimi. The love tale of Young Shim and Kyung Tae, who reconnected after 20 years, will be told. They were buddies as children and will now re-connect as adults.

Young Shim's boyhood friend Wang Kyung Tae will be portrayed by Lee Dong Hae. They relocated to the United States when he was a little child. He now serves as the CEO of a well-known start-up company as an adult.

Oh Young Shim will be portrayed by Song Ha Yoon. Despite a variety of obstacles, she makes every effort to attain her aim. She is currently a TV variety show producer who doesn't have a popular show.

The character of Lee Chae Dong will come to life thanks to Lee Min Jae. He is Young Shim's younger brother and has a thing for her. However, the part of Goo Wol Suk was given to Jung Woo Yeon. She is currently a Beauty maker Youtuber and was also Young Shim's childhood pal.

The Korean drama's production team stated, "It will be a drama where you can remember and feel the emotion and fun you felt while viewing its original animation. Young Shim and Kyung Tae were friends with whom we shared our adolescence. This time, the drama will allow you space to reflect on the past and present and soothe you as the major characters demonstrate their work and passionate way of life.
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