by Erik_ba, 21-04-2023, 16:54
Moon Bin of ASTRO Dies at Age 25 poster After hearing the devastating news of ASTRO member Moon Bin's passing, the K-pop and K-drama fandom was shocked. At around 8:10 p.m. yesterday, Moonbin's manager reportedly discovered him dead at his residence in Seoul's Gangnam neighborhood. According to the authorities, Moonbin looks to have committed suicide. To ascertain the precise cause of death, we are currently debating whether to perform an autopsy.

Moonbin had a promising future in front of him as one of the members of the well-known K-pop group ASTRO. As part of the duo Moonbin & Sanha, he was also active and set to perform at several events, including the Dream Concert. In addition to starring in Soul Plate alongside fellow ASTRO members and Mermaid Prince, Moon Bin has guest appearances in a number of k-dramas and variety shows.

Many people in the K-pop scene and among Moonbin's admirers are in shock and grieving as a result of the untimely news of his death. The challenges K-pop idols endure and the value of mental health support are both significant issues that are brought up by this.

We send our deepest sympathies to Moon Bin's loved ones, friends, and supporters.

Moon Bin of ASTRO Dies at Age 25

The following statement was issued by Fantagio, Moon Bin's agency, today:

We apologize for having to provide such tragic and upsetting news. Moon Bin, an ASTRO member, abruptly left our world on April 19 and turned into a star. While ASTRO members who have known each other for a long time, as well as our fellow artists and employees at Fantagio, are in shock and great grieving over the loss of their beloved son and brother, we cannot compare the anguish of his family.

We want to send our condolences to everyone who helped Moon Bin and showed him unwavering love. We are more aware than anyone of how much he loved and cared for his followers, which makes it ache much more to deliver this unexpected news.

We humbly urge that spiteful and speculative reports be avoided out of respect for the grieving family who are very devastated by the unexpected news.

Finally, the funeral will be held quietly, as requested by the family, with just close friends, family members, and coworkers present. We wish Moonbin the very best on his final journey and give our sincere sympathies once more.
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