Queen of Masks

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Human rights attorney Do Jae Yi has amassed a sizable online following. She is known for standing up for the weak and sexual assault victims. She had a dreadful, terrifying crime ten years ago that still haunts her. She is now regarded as the "queen of masks." She represents justice for the majority of people in the globe. However, she is taking advantage of a dishonest politician behind closed doors. Additionally, she's working behind the scenes to become the next mayor by discreetly assisting the one in office in getting out of sticky situations. Two strong women are buddies with Do Jae Yi. Joo Yoo Jung, the head of a significant arts foundation, comes first. The second is Yoon Hae Mi, a driven and aspirational individual who attained the position of Vice President at a prestigious hotel by working her way up from the bottom. Go Yoo Na, a former friend of the three women, believes the other women betrayed her. She relocated to the USA in an effort to rebuild her life. But when she goes back to South Korea to look for her daughter, she runs across some of her old acquaintances. When they reunite, might retaliation be in the works?

  • Also Known As:
  • Director: Kang Ho Jun
  • Screenwriter: Im Do Wan
  • Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Drama, Melodrama
  • Cast/Actors: Kim Sun Ah, Oh Yoon Ah, Shin Eun Jung, Yoo Sun, Oh Ji Ho, Lee Jung Jin

Episodes 1-16

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