by Erik_ba, 11-05-2023, 13:38
«Queen Wongyeong» Stars Cha Joo Young from «The Glory» as the lead role! poster "Cha Joo Young will be the lead in tvN's new drama Queen Wongyeong" (authored by Lee Young Mi, directed by Kim Sang Ho), according to a source in the entertainment sector, who spoke on the 9th to Sports Chosun. A myth called "Queen Wongyeong" tells the life story of the woman who helped establish the royal system 600 years ago when she teamed up with King Taejong Lee Bang Won. It will depict Queen Wongyeong's story as an expression of resentment and yearning because she had no choice but to be recorded in the Joseon Dynasty Annals.

The drama's Queen Wongyeong will be portrayed by Cha Joo Young in the lead role. Wongyeong, a recently invented character, is the daughter of the illustrious Goryeo family Min Je. She marries Lee Bang Won, who is two years her junior, and later aids in his ascension to the kingdom. She will be attractively portrayed in the play and is a figure who bravely expresses her thirst for power.

The Kim Eun Sook and Ahn Gil Ho-written and -directed Netflix original series "The Glory" is how Cha Joo Young first earned notoriety as an actress. She has previously played supporting roles in a number of different productions, thus it is anticipated that she will excel in the lead and assume the title role in "Queen Wongyeong." She established herself as a rising star thanks to the positive feedback she received from viewers of KBS 2TV's 'The Real Has Come!' program and her consistent acting abilities. She also showed her popularity by receiving many calls for commercials from various brands.

«Queen Wongyeong» Stars Cha Joo Young from «The Glory» as the lead role!

The television show "Queen Wongyeong" is currently being prepared with the intention of airing in the first half of 2019. This drama is the result of a collaboration between writer Lee Young Mi and director Kim Sang Ho, who previously worked together on the films "Money Game," "Listen to My Heart," "Money Game," "Avengers Social Club," and "Money Game."
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