by Erik_ba, 17-05-2023, 15:41
Im Ji Yeon to Lead the Historical Drama  «The Life of Mrs. Ock» poster Im Ji Yeon has been chosen to play the female lead in JTBC's newest historical drama The Life of Mrs. Ock, according to reports from the 17th.
Im Ji Yeon has been chosen to play the female lead in the JTBC drama The Life of Mrs. Ock, as reported exclusively by Star News on the 17th.

A female slave who had a phony name, pretend status, and even a fake husband is shown in The Life of Mrs. Ock as having a difficult time surviving and succeeding.

The role of Gu Deok Ih, an actual slave born to slave parents, has been given to Im Ji Yeon. After getting into difficulties with her cruel mistress and fleeing, she meets a nice new woman and decides to join her family as an adopted daughter. When she passes away unexpectedly, Gu Deok Ih is compelled to change her name and lead a new life as the new lady.

After giving her performances in the films The Treacherous (2015) and The Royal Gambler (2016) for SBS, Im Ji Yeon is making her third effort at the historical drama challenge. Im Ji Yeon's debut role as the only lead actress, controlling the drama's pace, is in The Life of Mrs. Ock, nevertheless.

Following the popularity of Netflix's The Glory, Im Ji Yeon will star in the upcoming ENA drama Lies Hidden in My Garden (premiering on June 19) and the upcoming SBS drama National Death Penalty Vote (airing in the second part of the year). Additionally, Im Ji Yeon and Lee Do Hyun, who also appeared in The Glory, have been dating publicly since last month's first.
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