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In 2019, Yonhee University's Hae Yi was a first-year student. She prioritizes gaining financial independence because she comes from a low-income family. She initially joins the Theia Cheerleading Squad only to get money but ends up discovering real love. She initially joins Theia Cheerleading Squad to earn money but discovers real love.
At Yonhee University, Jung Woo is a senior and the group's leader. Despite studying for exams, he leads the squad in need since he is a moral student with a kind heart. Sun Ho, a first-year medical student, has always been a top student. When he first encounters Hae Yi in the cheerleading squad, he experiences something new. These young students' relationships and Theia's future are about to fall apart.

  • Also Known As: Chieoleob
  • Director: Han Tae Seob
  • Screenwriter: Cha Hye Won
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance, Mystery, Youth
  • Cast/Actors: Han Ji Hyun, Jang Gyu Ri, Bae In Hyuk, Lee Min Jae, Kim Hyun Jin, Lee Eun Saem

Episodes 1-16

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