by Erik_ba, 5-06-2023, 19:11
‘Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938’: Everything to know before starting watch poster Lee Dong-wook and Kim Bum, alongside Kim So-yeon and Ryu Kyung-soo, make their long awaited K-drama return in ‘Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938’, the sequel to ‘Tale of the Nine Tailed’

Tale of the Nine Tailed, a fantasy hit K-drama that modernized a classic myth, enthralled viewers throughout its run in 2020 and ended on a high note as its finale drew to a close with great ratings. In addition to having a cast and cinematography that are a visual feast, the series, which stars Lee Dong-wook, Jo Bo-ah, and Kim Bum, has garnered a lot of praise for being well-written and tightly planned.
‘Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938’: Everything to know before starting watch

Lee Yeon, played by Lee Dong-wook

This actor, host, and model is no stranger to South Korean entertainment, but he is most recognized for his varied acting abilities in a number of well-known K-dramas, such as My Girl (2005), Scent of a Woman (2011), Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (2016-2017), Life (2018), and Touch Your Heart (2019).

Lee Rang is Kim Bum.

Boys Over Flowers (2009), in the opinion of early K-drama viewers, is what popularized Kim Bum and made him well-liked. His first fantasy series, Padam Padam (2011), That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013), and most recently, Ghost Doctor (2022), in which he co-starred with first-generation K-pop idol Rain, would later garner him further acclaim.

Kim So-yeon represents Ryu Hong-joo.

Kim was well-known even before the start of The Penthouse, but the phenomenal success of the show catapulted her into the spotlight on a global scale. The several award-winning actress has additionally appeared in a number of well-known dramas, including All About Eve (2000), Iris (2009), Prosecutor Princess (2010), and Happy Home (2016).

Cheon Mu-young is played by Ryu Kyung-soo.

Despite the fact that Ryu doesn't have a large number of K-dramas to his credit, he has been busy lately, actively taking on roles in everything from rom-coms to thrillers. He made appearances in the films Confession (2019), Itaewon Class (2020), Lovestruck in the City (2020–2021), Hellbound (2021) and Glitch (2022).
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