The Villain of Romance

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Young college "villains" who are still learning about love are the subject of a realistic romance and coming-of-age tale. However, Kang Hee Jae privately feels smaller than plankton and struggles to appear cool to others. He eventually turns into an obsessed monster as he struggles to forget his girlfriend Yoo Jin's "savage" actions. At Kang Hee Jae's college, there is an older student named Ban Yoo Jin who is incredibly smart. Yoo Jin begins to worry that she may end up spending a lonely life alone because she is unable to maintain relationships for more than 100 days. She chooses to put younger student Hee Jae through some rigorous "training" as they date as a result of his audacious shot on the court.

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  • Cast/Actors: Baro, Ha Seung Ri, Shin Ji Won, Choi Yeon

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