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The Head of the rich Eunkang business group empire is Eun Sun Woo (Jung Il Woo). He received his business from a wealthy family, yet he is just another businessman to the rest of the world. In contrast, he is a master of disguise, has amazing deduction skills, and has unmatched physical ability. Additionally, he can transform instantly from an aloof and chilly person to a warm-hearted decent guy. Eun Sun Woo, who runs a detective business and employs various techniques to prevent plots and solve murders, is put to good use.
Things begin to change when he meets the underprivileged but charitable Don Se Ra (Kwon Yuri), a young woman with extraordinary vision. She covers her eyes because she wants to keep her present a secret. She has taken on numerous small jobs to support the individuals she cares for. But after she meets Eun Sun Woo, the two start working together to solve crimes. What will happen to their developing relationship when Cupid appears, though?

  • Also Known As: Gutjap
  • Director: Kang Min Gu
  • Screenwriter: Kim Jung Ae, Kwon Hee Kyung
  • Genres: Fantasy, Mystery, Comedy, Romance
  • Cast/Actors: Jung Il Woo, Song Sang Eun, Kwon Yu Ri, Yoon Sun Woo, Eum Moon Suk, Lee Joon Hyuk

Episodes 1-12

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