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"King the Land" Reigns as Number One in Netflix's Worldwide Non-English Viewing Charts! poster Based on the viewership data, the Netflix TOP10 rankings released on the 5th revealed that JTBC's weekend drama "King the Land" secured the first position in the global TOP10 non-English section from June 26th to July 2nd.

During this timeframe, "King the Land" amassed a total of 4 million views and 24.5 million viewing hours on Netflix. Impressively, the drama's viewing hours experienced a significant increase of 7 million compared to the previous week, surpassing 17.5 million viewing hours and rising to the top spot after being in second place last week.

Additionally, "King the Land" claimed the number one position in the viewing rankings of various countries, including Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Singapore. Furthermore, it made it into the TOP10 rankings in 31 countries, such as Japan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Greece, Romania, Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, and more.

Remarkably, within just one day on the 4th, "King the Land" reached the fifth spot in the worldwide viewing rankings on Netflix, encompassing English-speaking regions.
"King the Land" Reigns as Number One in Netflix's Worldwide Non-English Viewing Charts!

King the Land narrates the tale of Gu Won, portrayed by Lee Jun Ho, a man who despises laughter, and Cheon Sa Rang, played by Im Yoon Ah, a queen who must always wear a smile. Together, they strive to create a day where genuine laughter can be experienced at the renowned VVIP lounge, 'King the Land,' a dream destination for hoteliers. This drama charmingly unravels the essence of romance and has garnered tremendous success, surpassing a viewership rating of 10% in Korea within six episodes and achieving a record-breaking 12%. Its popularity has extended beyond Korea, making it a global sensation.

Moreover, King the Land has dominated the category of attention-grabbing dramas that combine television and online streaming (TV-OTT). It secured the top spot for two consecutive weeks in this highly competitive field. According to the Good Data Corporation, a specialized institution analyzing the competitiveness of K-content platforms, King the Land witnessed a notable 58.8% increase in attention-grabbing scores compared to the previous week.

Regarding individual attention-grabbing, Lee Jun Ho claimed the first position in the initial week, followed by Im Yoon Ah in the subsequent week. In the current week, Lee Jun Ho has once again reclaimed the top spot, consistently captivating the audience's interest.

Notably, the dating rumors involving Lee Jun Ho and Im Yoon Ah, which surfaced on the 3rd, further contributed to the promotional effects of King the Land. Lee Jun Ho's representatives clarified that the two are close friends, dismissing the baseless dating rumors. Similarly, Im Yoon Ah's team officially stated that they are simply good friends, refuting the speculation. This incident was thus resolved as a mere happening.
narmadha Guests 5 February 2024 20:10
i love this drama and enjoyed a lot
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