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The drama "Blind" portrays the tale of common people who become victims due to unfair circumstances and criminals who choose to ignore the uncomfortable reality.
Three people—Ryu Sung-Joon, Ryu Sung-Hoon, and Jo Eun-Ki—become engaged in a case of serial murder where the victims are jury members. These three people try to investigate that case and dig into this tragedy's hidden truth.
Detective Ryu Sung-Joon is a dedicated professional. He is very determined to bring the guilty guys to justice. His arrest rate consistently ranks among the highest for investigators, thanks to his persistence. He conducts homicide investigations and is addicted to putting the criminal behind bars. He is searching for a distinctive mark that a serial killer left behind. Ryu Sung-Hoon, his older brother, is a judge. Ryu Sung-Hoon is a perfectionist who is intelligent enough to have graduated first in his class from the Judicial Research and Training Institute and received the highest score on the bar test. He is an honorable man who makes an effort to render fair judgments. As a social worker, Jo Eun-Ki is employed. She is kind and committed to doing the right thing. She prioritizes helping others and works hard to be a trustworthy parent to kids from underprivileged families.

  • Also Known As: Beullaindeu
  • Director: Shin Yong Hwi
  • Screenwriter: Kwon Ki Kyung
  • Genres: Drama, Thriller, Mystery
  • Cast/Actors: Ok Taec Yeon, Ha Seok Jin, Jung Eun Ji, Jung In Ki, Jung Eui Wook, Park Ji Bin

Episodes 1-16

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