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A group of students from Seoyeon High School is graduating. However, the 6 years earlier event from the past still follows them up. A young guy and a woman had a tragic romance that came to a sad end when the girl attempted to stop the guy but was unsuccessful. Now, it appears that the paths of three students today and those teenagers "from the past" would eventually cross.
The group consists of youths "from the past," including Lee Ha Min (Seo Ji Hoon), who appears to be joyful and upbeat to those who are unfamiliar with him. However, gloom persistently follows him in his deepest thoughts. Han So Mang (So Ju Yeon), a kind-hearted but quiet young woman who desires to help people, is also with them. Lee Jae Min (Kim Min Kyu) is a popular and kind student in the present who also hides melancholy and a painful past. Yoon Bo Mi (Kang Hye Won) is a sweet, model student who is diligent and kind, and Kang Sun Hee is her loyal best friend (Oh Yoo Jin). Choi Jin Young, a more temperamental gamer (Yoon Hyun Soo), completes the group and has a caring side hidden behind a tough exterior. What surprises await this group of young people as they get ready to enter adulthood in life and love?

This drama was produced based on a cartoon of the same name written by Hongduck and drawn by Nemone.

Wang Hye Ryung is the director of the 2022 South Korean drama series "Seasons of Blossom."

  • Also Known As: Youth Blossom / Cheongchun Beullasseom / Chungchun Blossom /
  • Director: Wang Hye Ryung
  • Screenwriter: Park Yoon Sung, Kim Na Neui
  • Genres: Drama, Comedy, Romance, Youth
  • Cast/Actors:

Episodes 1-16

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Seasons of Blossom photo
Seasons of Blossom photo
Seasons of Blossom photo
Seasons of Blossom photo
Seasons of Blossom photo
Seasons of Blossom photo


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