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The Jin family, which controls the successful Sunyang Group corporate empire, employs Yoon Hyun Woo as their devoted, assiduous, and dependable secretary. However, the family betrays him one day and arrests him for theft. Shortly after, he passes away but mysteriously comes "back to life" when he awakens inside Jin Do Joo, the family's youngest boy. He decides to exact retribution after realizing what has happened. Jin Yang Chul, the ruthless and avaricious CEO of Sunyang Group, is the target of his plot to remove him from office. Yoon Hyun Wo plans to utilize his new "identity" to organize a hostile takeover of the group in order to exact revenge on those responsible for his death. But what part will the determined Seo Min Young, an anti-corruption investigator who goes by the nickname "Sunyang Group Grim Reaper," play in all of this?

  • Also Known As: haebol Family's Youngest Son / Jaebeoljib Magnaeadeul / Jaebeoljib Maknaeadeul / The Chaebol's Youngest Son / The Youngest Son of Sunyang / The Youngest Son of a Chaebol Family / The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate / The Youngest Son of the Chaebol Family / The Youngest Son of the Chaebol House
  • Director: Jeong Dae Yun
  • Screenwriter: Kim Tae Hee
  • Genres: Political, Business, Drama, Fantasy
  • Cast/Actors:

Episodes 1-16

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