by Erik_ba, 10-01-2023, 01:42
Park Ju-hyun impresses in  adaptation of «The Forbidden Marriage,» according to critics poster Although this adaptation has funny and clever writing, it misses the details that make the characters in their original source so lovable.

A certain amount of artistic freedom is anticipated when web-novel movie adaptations are concerned. The Forbidden Marriage, which is written by the original author Chun Ji-hye and is built on the popular web novel Joseon's Marriage Ban, mainly maintains the core of the plot, but it falls short in portraying the subtleties that made the characters of the source material so endearing.

But let's first take a look at the situation in Joseon. The marriage ban was established in order to prevent any potential women from getting married lest the monarch express interest in them following the tragic death of the Crown Princess and the royal family's search for a suitable replacement. But seven years have gone by with no sign of a new queen. Birth rates have decreased, and there are numerous stories regarding the king's sexual orintation and masculinity, and meanwhile the black market for weddings and compatibility analyses is growing.

So-rang (Park Ju-hyun), who runs a marriage prediction company while also operating a tea shop, is one of the ringleaders of this criminal organization. However, So-rang is smart and skilled at avoiding the law despite her tendency toward exaggeration. A desperate So-rang poses as a psychic with the ability to speak with spirits until her luck eventually runs out and she is arrested.

Park Ju-hyun impresses in  adaptation of «The Forbidden Marriage,» according to critics

Because of this lying, she ends up in front of King Lee Heon (Kim Young-dae), who has been turned to a shadow of himself after his fiancee died by accidental overdose. The Crown Princess's death was the subject of a plot, which he attempts to unravel by day while rejecting all attempts to remarry him. He experiences nighttime hallucinations. When the king falls for So-plan rang's to win her freedom, she realizes she may have taken on more than she can handle. So-rang had been trying to channel the Crown Princess in order to win the king's favor.

Although the characters' peculiarities are accurately adapted in the play, their subconscious is terribly misunderstood. So-rang is remarkably sensitive despite her tendency for lying. She quickly understands the delicate nature of the king's mental state in the online novel and expresses genuine concern for Lee Heon, as well as regret about having to exploit his flaws, even when doing so is necessary for his own welfare. However, these subtleties are missed in the adaptation, which makes So-rang appear brazenly opportunistic.

King Lee Heon, who charmed readers of the web novel with his stunning naivete, is similarly let down by the adaptation. He is left lonely and feeling sad. Kim Young-dae, although having established a strong precedent with his portrayal in All Of Us Are Dead, fails to convey the complexities of Lee Heon's mind and instead leans into extravagant displays of emotion that do little to elicit sympathy for the troubled young king.

The writing and comedy timing are two things the program excels at, though, so those are some criteria it certainly fulfills. Despite its historical context, the drama makes use of deft camera work, fast editing, and interesting fourth-wall breaches to give it a distinctly lighter and contemporary atmosphere. For instance, the opening sequence is a wonderfully energetic introduction of So-character, rang's in which she addresses the audience directly in between fast different outfits and humorous asides. It immediately gives the show a joyful atmosphere.

Park Ju-hyun, though, is the show's biggest lifesaver. She is an excellent fit for the cheerful, playful So-rang thanks to her attractive looks and charm, but attributing everything to good casting would be unfair to her on-screen personality. Park is undoubtedly the most attractive member of the cast; she is unafraid to have fun on her own cost while yet being free and cheerful. From even in those fleeting times when she expresses wistfulness for the world she once knew, we can tell that So-rang is everything but one-dimensional.

Additionally, Park automatically gives other characters a higher status, including those you might be less convinced about. While Kim Young-dae (Kim Woo-seok) appears to give Lee Shin-won (Kim Woo-seok) a more detailed performance, who downplays his loud demonstrations for quiet reactions, their interactions lend an intriguing layer to the otherwise elderly, stoic officer.

We can see why The Forbidden Marriage is waiting until episode four to explore the deeper elements of So-persona, rang's but until then, we're confident that viewers will tune in for the humor and stick around for Park's electrifying presence on screen.
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