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Lee Jong-suk and IU officially confirmed their relationship with their followers poster South Korean singer IU and actor Lee Jong-Suk officially relieved their relationship.

According to tradition, the South Korean news agency Dispatch announced its New Year's couple on December 31, 2022. They said that IU and Lee Jong-suk, their pick for the 2023 New Year's couple, had been dating secretly for four months.

According to Dispatch, Lee organized a luxurious three-day Christmas vacation for IU, flying her and her younger brother to Japan and arranged for a driver to pick them up at the airport before meeting them there.

Their respective families have apparently been aware of the relationship for some time, according to unnamed sources. Due to the dating suspicions, old contacts between the two have been revealed online. For example, IU sang at Lee's brother's wedding in October.

Lee Jong-suk and IU officially confirmed their relationship with their followers

The relationship was confirmed by the agencies representing IU and Lee in reaction to the most recent claims.

"IU and Lee Jong Suk recently developed a strong friendship after first becoming excellent friends. Soompi cites a statement from EDAM Entertainment, the management company for IU, in which they seek for the warm reception of their fans.

On the final day of 2022, a formal statement from Lee's agency also confirmed that Lee and IU had "recently advanced from being close friends into being a couple and they are maintaining a steady relationship. Please give them a lot of encouragement so they can keep up their lovely connection.

A summary of IU's love life appeared in the fan café letter she wrote to UAENA, her fandom, (directly quote):
If you might have had a bit of confusing last day of the year because of me, today I came to relay New Year’s greetings along with my gratitude and apologetic feelings. Those who saw the articles today must know, but I am currently dating. I think our UAENA who are always worried about me and curious about how I am doing must have been really surprised, so I feel very cautious about this but, yeah.. that happened!

The artist added that she and Lee had developed good feelings for one another over the years. She described him as trustworthy, adorable, motivating, and supportive.

Additionally, she reassures her fans in the letter (direct quote):
As UAENA always watches over me most closely, I think you must feel that I am in a time where I am emotionally comfortable and doing well. Along with that, I think one of the reasons that my pride and passion for work is surging even more these days is because I have a good friend who compliments me for a long time up close. Since you have all found out now, we will date quietly and beautifully to not worry my fans….! Sorry to surprise you, but I am so apologetic and thankful to UAENA who still congratulated me and first asked how I am.

Additionally, Lee's fan café letter provided extra context for the connection (direct quote):
We were friends for a long time, and now it turned out like this. Um… I want to explain this well.. How should I say this.. Even when I was working hard living my own way, she was a strange existence who always took up a corner of my heart. I think my fans will understand if I say that she was like Kang Dan-i (the love interest of his character Cha Eun-ho in the 2019 K-drama "Romance is a Bonus Book”) to me.

"She is an incredible buddy who supports me in my efforts and worries about life; she is someone I can trust; she is younger but occasionally seems older; she is like a mature adult; however, she is also someone I want to protect. She now inspires me to improve myself, "Added he.
(direct quote)
“I have to introduce her well, but this is also the first time for me, so I’m worried that fans might have been really surprised and maybe a bit upset. I hope you will watch us with warmth. I was so so thankful for the love and support you sent during this year where so much happened, and I was so glad we got to meet again. Happy New Year, and I love you always.”
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