by Erik_ba, 31-08-2023, 22:33
My Lovely Deceiver: Kim So Hyun Feigns Ignorance of Hwang Minhyun's Motives poster "Tales of the Deceptive Heart" presents an enigmatic love saga, depicting the life of a lady gifted with the ability to discern falsehoods and an ingenious maestro of melodies concealing his true self. Portrayed by Kim So Hyun, Mok Sol Hee grapples with her uncanny truth-sniffing knack that's eroded her trust in humanity. Counterparting her is Hwang Minhyun as Kim Do Ha, her sequestered next-door dweller, burdened by a shrouded truth compelling him to shun the world's gaze.

Spoiler Alert
In preceding episodes, Mok Sol Hee and Kim Do Ha exchanged mutual emotions, with Kim Do Ha's unreserved avowal, "You are the one I hold dearest, Sol Hee," culminating in an endearing maiden kiss.

Freshly unveiled visuals encapsulate the amorous ambiance shared by Sol Hee and Do Ha, ushering them closer. As Do Ha kneels and locks eyes with Sol Hee, his gaze brims with tenderness, met by Sol Hee's reciprocating smile.
My Lovely Deceiver: Kim So Hyun Feigns Ignorance of Hwang Minhyun's Motives

In the following static visuals, Do Ha maintains a delicate grasp on Sol Hee's hand while presenting her with an object, triggering the audience's inquisitiveness. Sol Hee feigns unawareness of Do Ha's uneasy gaze. There's great excitement about whether Sol Hee will respond to Do Ha's emotions in kind.

The production crew commented that in Episode 10, viewers should anticipate Kim Do Ha's sincere admission to Mok Sol Hee. The upcoming episode will showcase the evolution of their romantic connection and whether their relationship will progress into a secure bond as 'partners.'
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