by Erik_ba, 5-09-2023, 20:59
Season 2 of 'The Uncanny Counter' Commences poster The second season of the acclaimed action series "The Uncanny Counter" has kicked off to an impressive start.

Adapted from the immensely popular webcomic "Amazing Rumor," this show revolves around a team of exorcists gifted with supernatural abilities, portrayed by Cho Byeong-kyu, Yoo Jun-sang, Kim Se-jeong, Yeom Hye-ran, and Ahn Suk-hwan. These individuals, self-identifying as "counters," harness their unique powers to hunt down malevolent spirits and confront them head-on.

The latest season premiered its initial two episodes over the weekend, securing a 5.4 percent viewership rating with its second episode.

These first two episodes revolved around the counters' relentless pursuit of nefarious spirits endangering humanity. Additionally, they introduced their newest member, Na Jeok-bong (played by Yoo In-soo), a farmer who becomes part of the team after a car accident while attempting to save a companion. Ga Mo-tak (Yoo Jun-sang) witnesses Na's heroic act and suggests him as a potential recruit.

Furthermore, the season introduced a trio of villainous demons, played by Kang Ki-young, Kim Hieora, and Kim Hyun-wook, who eliminate Chinese counters to steal their powers and return to Korea with newfound strength.

You Sun-dong directed both seasons of the series and highlighted how the new season has expanded upon the elements that contributed to the success of the first season.

"When I reunited with the cast members a year and a half after completing season 1, we made a pact not to rest on our laurels just because season 1 was a triumph. I conveyed to them that filming for season 2 would be considerably more demanding," You stated during a recent online press conference for the series.

"It was an arduous experience because we tackled nearly one action sequence every production day. Notably, both the returning and new cast members poured their energy into it. The new season has elevated itself from season 1, incorporating the humor, satisfying action, and the heartwarming essence that 'The Uncanny Counter' prides itself on."
Season 2 of 'The Uncanny Counter' Commences

Kang, portraying a villain, faced considerable pressure when he joined the popular series. "Taking on this role was daunting because the first season's antagonist set a high standard. Plus, I had never tackled a villainous character before, so I lacked a solid reference point. I had my concerns, but fortunately, the chemistry with my co-stars clicked," he shared.

"I firmly believe that an actor's destiny lies in embodying diverse roles, and 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' provided me with a chance to expand my acting range. When I hesitated at the threshold, Director Yoo provided encouragement and guidance, asserting that 'If an actor excels in a comedic role, they can excel in anything.'"

This season follows allegations of bullying against the show's lead actor, Cho, who was accused of mistreating a fellow student during high school in New Zealand. Cho addressed this unresolved issue, expressing a heightened sense of responsibility.

"I've been and continue to do my utmost to disprove these allegations. Since the accuser is in a foreign country, I feel a profound sense of duty appearing in the series while the case remains unresolved," he explained. "As I bear this responsibility, I've poured even more of myself into this role compared to the first season."
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