by Erik_ba, 5-02-2023, 15:07
Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hye Sun are in talks to star in the upcoming «When the Camellia Blooms» JTBC K-drama! poster Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hye Sun were chosen to play the leads in the next JTBC Korean drama "Welcome to Samdalri," according to news reports on February 2.

The announcement of the casting was addressed by Shin Hye Sun's agency, YNK Entertainment. The agency underlined that nothing had been settled upon while also confirming that Shin Hye Sun had really accepted the invitation to star in the forthcoming k-drama.

In regards to the reports, Ji Chang Wook's camp has not yet commented.

The film "Welcome to Samdalri" is a collaboration between writer Kwon Hye Joo and director Cha Young Hoon ("When the Camellia Blooms").

A dragon-like hero ascends to heaven in the next K-drama before losing everything and regaining his breath before plummeting to earth.

There will apparently be 16 episodes in "Welcome to Samdalri," and its 2023 debut is planned. Additionally, JTBC will be the only network to carry the Korean drama.

Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hye Sun are in talks to star in the upcoming «When the Camellia Blooms» JTBC K-drama!

Ji Chang Wook allegedly received the offer to play Cho Young Pil, the troublemaker of the Mado Meteorological Administration.

This forthcoming k-drama will be Ji Chang Wook's second of the year if he accepts the offer. Additionally, the actor will appear in the next television program "The Worst of Evil" alongside Wi Ha Joon, Im Se Mi, Im Sung Jae, BIBI, and Geum Kwang San.

The part of Sam Dal was instead offered to Shin Hye Sun. She continued to date in an effort to locate her soul mate but ended up going back to her hometown after a second breakup.

Additionally, this could be Shin Hye Sun's second Korean drama in 2023. After a three-year absence, the actress will make a comeback in the k-drama scene with the upcoming series "See You in My 19th Life," starring Ahn Bo Hyun.
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