by Erik_ba, 27-02-2023, 13:15
Soon, a special Kill Bok preview will be released on Netflix poster A sneak peek of the new action movie Kill Bok Soon, which will be available on Netflix and its sister channel Swoon, has been made available exclusively on the OTT platform.

Yeong Ji (Lee Yeon), the upcoming Gil Boksoon, will make her debut in the preview, according to Cha Min Hee (Esom), who informs Bok Soon (Jeon Do Yeon).

Later, Yeong Ji (Lee Yeon) is challenged to a duel by Min Hee (Esom), but no one accepts the invitation.

Bok Soon is moved and starts to walk away, but Min Hee irritates her by pointing out that Yeong Ji is more accomplished than she was when she was her age. Boksoon, who is offended, then challenges Yeong Ji to a duel.

In the epic hand-to-hand battle that ensues, Bok Soon decisively defeats Yeong Ji, demonstrating that she was superior to her when they were younger and that she still possesses the skills necessary to be the best assassin. This film is a must-watch because of its well-executed action sequences and compelling female characters.

Soon, a special Kill Bok preview will be released on Netflix

According to rumors, the action thriller will also have guest appearances from Hyun Bin and Lee Jae Wook from Alchemy of Souls and Hwang Jung Min, who was most recently seen with Hyun Bin in The Point Men.

Sol Kyung Gu, Kim Shi Ah, Koo Kyo Hwan, and others are among the remaining cast members.

My P.S. Partner, The Merciless, Kingmaker, and The Beat Goes On director Byun Sung Hyun is behind the camera for Kill Bok Soon.

On March 31, Netflix will make Kill Bok Soon available.
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