by Erik_ba, 27-02-2023, 21:09
A fifth future K-drama with Jang Dong Yoon is being discussed! poster The forthcoming K-drama The Sand Flower's main character will be Jang Dong Yoon, according to news reports from February 24.

The spreading casting reports were confirmed by Jang Dong Yoon's agency, Dongyi Company. Although Jang Dong Yoon hasn't acknowledged anything yet, the agency claims that he did receive the script. The actor is still considering the proposition.

A romantic suspense novel with a wrestling theme is called The Sand Flower. It will describe the struggles Kim Baek Du is currently facing in his life as a former prodigy in Korean wrestling. Oh Doo Sik, a formerly well-known female leader, will be back in his life.

A Model Family, Suits, and Queen of Mystery's Kim Jin Woo and writer Won Yoo Jung's upcoming Korean drama will be their subsequent project (The Lies Within).

A fifth future K-drama with Jang Dong Yoon is being discussed!

This will be Jang Dong Yoon's fifth forthcoming Korean drama if his casting is confirmed. The broadcast drama Oasis from KBS will mark Jang Dong Yoon's triumphant return the following month. He will collaborate alongside Park Noh Shik, Seol In Ah, Choo Young Woo, Do Sang Woo, and Hyun Seung Hee.

Following this, he will also appear in the upcoming TV shows My Guy Is Cupid, Daily Dose of Sunshine, and The Fairy and the Bald Idol.

In addition to appearing in a number of future K-dramas, the actor will also be in the upcoming movies After and Long Distance.

In 2016, Jang Dong Yoon debuted on the acting scene. His acting credits include Solomon's Perjury, School 2017, Mr. Sunshine, The Story of Nokdu, Search, and many others.

In the previous year, Jang Dong Yoon appeared in the movies Project Wolf Hunting and the original K-drama Daily Dose of Sunshine.
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