by Erik_ba, 28-02-2023, 18:36
Top in the charts for Prime Video is «Island Part 2» poster TVING's most watched show is a horror thriller. Also, according to Flix Patrol, Island Part 2 was the most watched show on Amazon Prime Video in Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Taiwan. Also, it was included in the top ten list of ten nations, which also included Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

The majority of the actors from the first installment of the Korean drama is still present. But, Kim Sung Oh has been included to part 2 as well. Island narrates the tale of Won Mi Ho and those who around her.

One of South Korea's largest and most significant companies, the Daehan Group, is headed by Won Mi Ho, its heiress. Nothing would have prevented her from inheriting the family business if it weren't for a costly error she committed in a moment of rage. Her position as an ethics instructor is transferred to Jeju Island as a result of this. When creatures begin attacking her, what she had anticipated as a tranquil respite from her hectic heiress life becomes a lethal visit. After that, she teams up with a strange ghost hunter and a priest to combat the terrible spirits that plague the island.

Top in the charts for Prime Video is «Island Part 2»

Playing the jovial Won Mi Ho is Lee Da Hee. Even though she comes from a wealthy family, she is lonely and unable to trust anyone because they are constantly plotting methods to steal her corporate empire. Mi Ho is guarded by Van, a ghost hunter named Kim Nam Gil, from evil spirits. He has an intense past with Mi Ho that she is unaware of and is stoic, always sporting a solemn expression. The merry Kang Chan Hyuk/Johan is portrayed by Cha Eun Woo. He feels Mi Ho's life has a higher, divine purpose that she must fulfill if she is to prevent the end of the world, and he too wishes to protect her for that reason. Sung Joon thereafter assumed the role of Goong Tan. According to information so far, Goong Tan is connected to Van and the two of them have a tense relationship.
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