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MBC Releases a Joseon Attorney Motion Poster and Teaser Trailer poster A motion poster for the upcoming MBC drama Joseon Attorney featuring Kang Han Su (played by Woo Do Hwan) against a sky blue backdrop has been published.

According to Kang Han Su's cunning expression and the poster's wording, "Just tell me about unfair things and grievances!" he is a skilled exploitation artist who is adept at persuading others to do what he wants.

MBC Releases a Joseon Attorney Motion Poster and Teaser Trailer

As the title suggests, Joseon Attorney is set during the Joseon era and depicts the tale of lawyer Kang Han Su, who takes advantage of the victims of wrongdoing and their emotions. The arrogant attorney, however, conceals a difficult past. To enquire into the circumstances surrounding his parents' deaths and exact retribution on the perpetrator, Kang Han Su chose to practice law.

But, as he gains knowledge, he unwittingly develops into a folk hero and evolves into a just lawyer.

After his parents are killed, will Kang Han Su punish the offender?

In addition to Woo Do Hwan, Joseon Attorney features the acting talents of Bona (last seen in Twenty-Five Twenty-One as Go Yu Rim), Cha Hak Yeon (renowned for playing Oh Kyung Tae in Bad and Crazy), Chun Ho Jin (recognized for playing supporting parts in popular dramas including Doctor Stranger, Chicago Typewriter, Life, and My Liberation Notes), Song Geon He (last seen as Thomas Cha in Missing: The Other Side Season 2),

Lee Han Joon and Kim Seung Ho will be the drama's directors. Choi Jin Young and Jung Ho Rak wrote the film's screenplay.
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