by Erik_ba, 8-03-2023, 16:37
The premiere date of  «The Good Bad Mother» is announced! poster The Good Bad Mother narrates the tale of Jin Young Soon, a single mother. Having her own pig farm allows Young Soon to support herself. She adopts a severe "bad" parenting style toward her son Choi Kang Ho in order to prevent him from having a life similar to hers.

Later on, Kang Ho has a heartless personality and works as a prosecutor. He relocated from his mother's native town in order to further his career. But when an unexpected injury converts him from an adult to a child, he returns home to live with his mother.

Jin Young Soon will be portrayed by seasoned actress Ra Mi Ran, and the complicated part of Kang Ho will be played by The Glory star Lee Do Hyun. As Lee Mi Joo, a friend of Kang Ho, Ahn Eun Jin will also appear in the drama.

The premiere date of  «The Good Bad Mother» is announced!

Yoo In Soo, who portrayed the notorious but good-hearted Bang Sam Shik in Alchemy of Souls, will be known for the chaos he causes in his neighborhood. Oh Tae Soo, a former prosecutor who is now a member of the assembly, is competing against Jung Woong In. Moreover, Choi Moo Sun, the chairman of Woo Byuk Group, will be looking for a way to communicate with Oh Tae Soo. Besides Seo Yi Sook, other actors in the cast include Kim Won Hae, Jang Won Young, Kang Mal Geum, Baek Hyun Jin, Hong Bi Ra, Gi So Yoo, and Park Da On. Also, it is said that Jo Jin Woong would have a cameo role in the drama.

The screenplay for The Good Bad Mother was written by Bae Se Young, while Shim Na Yeon is credited with directing the film. Netflix subscribers can watch the program there.
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