by Erik_ba, 15-03-2023, 20:23
Ahn Gil Ho, the director of  «The Glory,» apologizes in a new statement about claims of bullying at schools poster Producer of "The Glory," Ahn Gil Ho, has recently come under fire for allegedly bullying students, according to a statement from his attorney.

PD Ahn Gil Ho was the target of complaints of school bullying that first surfaced online on March 10 before the drama's Part 2 airing. The unnamed individual (hereinafter referred to as "A") claimed that Ahn Gil Ho threatened and physically attacked A and their classmates while Ahn Gil Ho was studying abroad in the Philippines because they mocked his girlfriend at the time.

In response to the original accusations, the production company Studio Dragon said they would look into the matter, but Ahn Gil Ho refuted them and said he had no recollection of punching anyone.

Attorney Kim Mun Hui of the law firm JIPYONG issued the following statement on March 12 on behalf of PD Ahn Gil Ho:

Actor Ahn Gil Ho is being defended by me, attorney Kim Mun Hui of the JIPYONG law firm. Please be patient with us as we explain our position given the minor gap between the initial news and our announcement.

When studying abroad in the Philippines in 1996, director Ahn Gil Ho began seeing a woman. When he found out that his girlfriend was being teased at school as a result of him, he briefly lost it and caused an irreparable injury to someone else.

The victimized parties are being begged for forgiveness by [director Ahn Gil Ho] from the bottom of his heart. He would prefer a face-to-face meeting or at the very least phone communication if given the chance to apologize.

[Director Ahn Gil Ho] regrets stirring up debate over a tragic event.

Ahn Gil Ho, the director of  «The Glory,» apologizes in a new statement about claims of bullying at schools

Moreover, Director Ahn Gil Ho informed Sports Chosun via his legal counsel that it had taken time to verify the facts because the incident occurred 27 years ago and the parties involved had varied recollections of the specifics. The director expressed his fear of misrepresenting the situation through his legal counsel, particularly given that his memories of the episode were likewise hazy.

On March 10 at 5 p.m. KST, "The Glory Part 2" was made available worldwide.
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