by Erik_ba, 15-03-2023, 20:34
Kang Sora Talks About Her Role in  «Strangers Again,» Their Relationship, and More poster In a recent interview, Kang Sora was open and honest about her thoughts on her most recent drama, their chemistry, and more!

After the conclusion of her drama "Revolutionary Love" in 2017, the actress hasn't appeared on television until "Strangers Again." This is the first time in six years. In the movie "Strangers Again," two divorce lawyers who had been dating for ten years got married, but they later get divorced. After divorcing, they reunite as coworkers, and chemistry is immediately apparent. The "goddess of litigation," Oh Ha Ra, is played by Kang Sora, while her humorous ex-husband Goo Eun Beom, a skilled attorney himself, is played by Jang Seung Jo.

Kang Sora responded, "I had more aspirations than I felt burdened. The majority of the roles I played were powerful women, but Oh Ha Ra has a young side and tries really hard to look cool. I hadn't really acted that way before, so I was able to enjoy the filming from a fresh perspective.

Kang Sora Talks About Her Role in  «Strangers Again,» Their Relationship, and More

On how viewers may relate to "Strangers Again," Kang Sora said, "I think the experiences of the clients [in the drama] were not distant from our everyday lives. Because the drama dealt with issues like divorce and adultery, which I or anyone nearby could have encountered, I believe that viewers could relate to the play more.

In addition to Jang Seung Jo, who wed singer Lina in 2014 and has two children—a son and a daughter—Kang Sora also gave birth to a daughter in 2021. Given that both the interviewee and Kang Sora have children, the interviewer implied that the two must have had a lot to talk about. But, Kang Sora responded, "Actually, we didn't discuss much about that. We made an effort to maintain the romantic atmosphere because that is how the drama called for us to be.
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