by Erik_ba, 19-03-2023, 20:12
The most talked-about actor for the second week of March is Lee Je Hoon poster
The most well-liked dramas, actors, and actresses in the K-dramas now on television are ranked each week by Good Data Company. The information is gathered by examining the responses of online news readers and social media users.

The top spot on the list of the most popular actors for the second week of March 2023 was claimed by Lee Je Hoon, who is now acting in Taxi Driver Season 2. In order to connect with fans across Asia, the actor is presently on tour.

The second spot on the list is held by Cho Seung Woo. As musician-turned-divorce lawyer Shin Sung Han, he can presently be seen in the Korean drama Divorce Attorney Shin.

He is followed by Jang Dong Yoon, who co-stars with Choo Young Woo and Seol In Ah in the movie Oasis.

The fourth position is held by Lee Ji Ah, who plays Hong Tae Ra in the action thriller Pandora: Under the Paradise.

The most talked-about actor for the second week of March is Lee Je Hoon

Here is a list of all 10 of the most well-known actors for the second week of March.

Lee Je Hoon (Taxi Driver Season 2)
Cho Seung Woo (Divorce Attorney Shin)
Jang Dong Yoon (Oasis)
Lee Ji Ah (Pandora: Beneath the Paradise)
Seol In Ah (Oasis)
Choo Young Woo (Oasis)
Kim Min Gue (The Heavenly Idol)
Park Hyung Sik (Our Blooming Youth)
Han Hye Jin (Divorce Attorney Shin)
Park Ha Na (Vengeance of the Bride)
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