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SBS Shares Images of the Doldam Squad During the  «Dr. Romantic 3» Screenplay Reading Session poster Finally, the much-anticipated K-drama is getting close to airing. SBS, a South Korean television network, has made cast photos from the script reading session available in advance of the debut of Dr. Romantic Season 3. Since their last collaboration in season 2 of the show, three years ago, the actors have regrouped. The Doldam team preparing for a comeback is the best sight in the world.

I hope to make Season 3 enjoyable once more with everyone, Kim Sa Bu, as played by Han Seok Kyu, said. I appreciate you preparing Season 3 for us.

Ahn Hyo Seop, who portrays Seo Woo Jin, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with Lee Sung Kyung, who plays Cha Eun Jae, and added, "I'm blessed to be able to make a drama that many people appreciated."

SBS Shares Images of the Doldam Squad During the  «Dr. Romantic 3» Screenplay Reading Session

The following cast members will return to their prior roles: Jin Kyung as head nurse Oh Myung Shim; Im Won Hee as Jang Gi Tae, head of the administrative department; Byun Woo Min as Nam Do Il, the anesthesiologist; So Ju Yeon as Yoon Ah Reum and Yoon Na Moo as Jung In Soo, emergency room physicians; and Shin Dong Wook as Bae Moon Jung, an orthopaedic surgeon. During the script reading, Kim Joo Heon, who was outstanding in the season 2 episode "Director Park Min Guk," also made an appearance.

Those who portray the nurses at Doldam Hospital, Yoon Bora and Eom Hyeon Jung, were spotted grinning broadly, creating a cheery atmosphere.

The first and second seasons of the popular television show received ratings of 27.6% and 27.1% respectively across the country.

The follow-up drama to Taxi Driver Season 2 is Dr. Romantic Season 3, which debuts in April.
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