by Erik_ba, 22-03-2023, 16:52
Lee Jun Ho's "King the Land" still cuts have been released by JTBC poster Recently, stills of Lee Jun Ho from 2PM's upcoming romantic comedy King the Land were made available by the South Korean television network JTBC.

Gu Won, a chaebol heir (Lee Jun Ho), and Cheon Sa Rang, a regular woman, are the subjects of the story King the Land (Im Yoon Ah).

Gu Won leads the ideal life of a King of the Land chaebol heir (a VVIP business lounge). He has everything he could possibly want: good looks, talent, fortune, grace, and charm. He does, however, possess an intriguing quality: he abhors phony grins. Despite possessing everything, Gu Won is still looking for his mother's long-forgotten memories.

After that, Cheon Sa Rang (Im Yoon Ah) enters the scene. She is a pleasant person who always has a smile on her face, which is a feature that is required for her line of work. She runs into Gu Won, and the two begin to develop a complicated friendship.

Lee Jun Ho is portrayed as a hotshot businessman in the recently released still cuts. He wears various formal clothes. Jun Ho exhibits a serious demeanor and upholds a convincing image of a successful businessman, just like any other typical diligent chaebol heir would. And based on appearances, he appears to be one of them who puts up with no bullshit.

Lee Jun Ho's "King the Land" still cuts have been released by JTBC

Im Hyun Wook is the film's director, and Choi Rom is the screenwriter. In 2023's first half, the K-drama will be released. Netflix will offer streaming access to it.
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