by Erik_ba, 27-03-2023, 14:55
In Family: The Strong Collaboration of Jang Hyuk with Jang Na Ra poster Family: The Unbreakable Bond, a new Monday-Tuesday drama on tvN, is an espionage comedy about a husband who poses as an everyday office worker while actually working as a NIS agent, and a sweet yet harsh wife who fantasizes of having the ideal family.

Jang Hyuk responded that the genre appealed to him the most when asked why he choose Family: The Unbreakable Bond.

In Family: The Strong Collaboration of Jang Hyuk with Jang Na Ra

Family: The Unbreakable Bond is the Jang Hyuk Jang Nara's fourth piece of collaborative art. Whenever they meet, Successful Tale of a Brilliant Girl, Fated to Love You, and the 2014 MBC Drama Festival Old Farewell are some of their other K-dramas.

Jang Hyuk responded when asked how it feels to be reunited with Jang Na Ra: "After the Successful Story of a Brilliant Girl, Jang Nara and I have been getting along nicely. Each of our personas is balanced and well-matched, in my opinion "said he. "This romantic comedy strikes the right blend between levity and in-depth plot development. Jang Nara excels at giving realistic performances, thus she allows me to easily become immersed in ".

Also, he said "I don't consider how Jang Na Ra will do in a scene and how I should modify my performance when I act alongside her. We have a good chemistry and are behaving spontaneously with confidence in one another's skills ".

Jang Hyuk responded to a question regarding his character, "Kwon Do Hoon leads a double life and has secrets, yet he has the joys and sufferings of wanting to protect his family," when asked about it.

Then he said, "I believe that through Kwon Do Hoon, I was able to perform some fun acting that is specific to the rom-com genre while I'm portraying a spouse at home. I wanted to concentrate on conveying the contrast that results from leading a double life since, on the other hand, as a black agent outside the house, I wanted to show a dry and icy side ".

The actors that play the family members of Kwon Do Hoon and Kang Yoo Ra in the K-drama, Lee Soon Jae, Kim Kang Min, Yoon Sang Jung, and Shin Soo Ah, were mentioned in a statement by Jang Hyuk. He said, "I think the balance everyone produces together is good. The eccentricities and youthful features of this family are portrayed, in my opinion, in a really enjoyable manner.

Also, he cited Chae Jung An and Kim Nam Hee. He remarked, "This drama marked my first encounter and collaboration with Chae Jung An, and I was impressed by how successfully she conveyed the appeal of her calm persona. "I believe Kim Nam Hee is not only an actor with strong acting skills but also an actor with a good personality and charisma," he stated.

Jang Hyuk concluded by saying that Family: The Unbreakable Bind includes comedy, action, and drama. Please anticipate it because it is a novel and distinctive genre.
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