by Erik_ba, 27-03-2023, 15:58
According to reports, Kim Tae Jung and Lee Chae Min will reunite in «Hierarchy» poster A number of business insiders revealed on March 24 that Kim Tae Jung will play one of the key characters in the upcoming Netflix original K-drama Hierarchy.

The relationships, feelings, controversies, and other aspects of the lives of the students at the prestigious Jusin High School will be the focus of the new Netflix original K-drama Hierarchy, which is aimed at teenagers. The institution, which offers the highest high-quality education service in the entire country and is only open to the top 0.01% of pupils, is extremely selective.

Apparently, Lee Chae Min and Roh Jeong Eui will be the stars of the new K-drama.

The reunion with Lee Chae Min will occur if Kim Tae Jung confirms his casting. They played brothers in the well-known Korean drama Crash Course in Romance. Now playing classmates in the next Netflix K-drama, Kim Tae Jung and Lee Chae Min.

The part of Choi Yoon Seok was offered to Kim Tae Jung. He attends Jusin High School and is regarded as the best boxer there is. He is the Army Chief of Staff's third child.

For allegedly featuring naked scenes in a high school drama, the next K-drama came under fire earlier this month. Online users are accusing the company of ripping off certain well-known western television series. These obscene moments in an adolescent drama are uncommon in Korea, which is why the objection was raised.

On the day Hierarchy will air, there is yet no certainty.

According to reports, Kim Tae Jung and Lee Chae Min will reunite in «Hierarchy»

Kim Tae Jung is a rising star in the k-drama industry, much like Lee Chae Min. In 2019, Kim Tae Jung made his acting debut. He became more well-known after playing the strange sibling in Crash Course in Romance.

Exceptional You, Tinted With You, and Seasons of Flower are three K-dramas in which Kim Tae Jung has acted.
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