by Erik_ba, 20-05-2023, 12:37
Kim Nam Gil and Kim Young Kwang will work together on the next K-drama "Trigger" poster The next action movie will reportedly star Kim Nam Gil, according to a May 18 rumor. Soon after, it became known that Kim Young Kwang would also be appearing in the upcoming K-drama.

A 30 billion won ($22,486,395) project called Trigger will make its Netflix debut. It will chronicle the tale of two male characters and will put a heavy emphasis on "guns." It will highlight the various perspectives these two men have on guns.

The part of Lee Do, an active police officer, was offered to Kim Nam Gil. On the other side, Kim Young Kwang was given the chance to portray Moon Baek. A significant player in the world of gun brokers, he is a four-dimensional character.

Kwon Oh Seung, who also directed the film Midnight, will be in charge of directing Trigger. A 2025 release date has been selected for the upcoming K-drama. The Netflix Korean drama will reportedly start filming this autumn.
Kim Nam Gil and Kim Young Kwang will work together on the next K-drama "Trigger"

This will be Kim Young Kwang's third forthcoming K-drama.

He acted alongside Lee Sung Kyung, Sung Joon, Ahn Hee Yeon of EXID, Kim Ye Won, and Yeon Je Hyung in the Disney+ K-drama Call It Love this year. Additionally, the actor will appear in Mission 2: Possible and the upcoming series Biography of a Villain.

Kim Young Kwang is also set to appear in the upcoming motion pictures 50 First Dates and Comeback Home in addition to K-dramas.

In 2008, Kim Young Kwang made his acting debut. His leadership of the productions Hot Young Bloods, On Your Wedding Day, Mission 1: Possible, A Year-End Medley, D-Day, and Room No. 9 is well recognized. Hello, Me!, Somebody, The Secret Life of My Secretary, and more.
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