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What sets All That We Loved apart from other television shows poster From Lee Gyu-lee
actor and singer Oh Se-hun, better known as Sehun from the K-pop boy band EXO, has starred in his first adolescent romance episode of Tving's new series All That We Loved as an athletic student.

"The script was quite intriguing when I initially read it. I started researching my character, Go Yoo, and discovered how many various charms he possesses. Despite the fact that I'm acting, I wanted Go Yoo to reflect my desire to become such a charming person.

The new show, which debuted on May 5 in South Korea, centers on the friendship and love lives of two high school classmates named Go Yoo (Oh) and Go Joon-hee (Jo Joon-young).
What sets All That We Loved apart from other television shows

Yoo is a carefree, extroverted student who excels in basketball and has given a kidney to Joon-hee, his weaker closest buddy.

Following the transplant, Joon-hee develops cellular memory syndrome, an unverified theory that suggests that an organ can transmit information such as memories and interests from donor to receiver. When Joon-hee develops feelings for Han So-yeon (Jang Yeo-bin), the girl Yoo has a crush on, as a result of the syndrome, their friendship is put to the test.

Oh remarks on Go Yoo's persona, "I can't pin point just one thing that makes [Go Yoo] attractive." He excels in basketball. He is lively and playful. To his grandmother, however, and to his pals, he is also such a sweetheart. He is devoted and skilled in battle. I was completely smitten with this lovely Go Yoo.

Oh was transported back to his high school days by playing a student and donning a school uniform.
"I haven't worn a uniform in a while... I felt as though I was back in high school, playing with my buddies, as we were filming the show in the classroom. I did that so I could enjoy the scenery and feel carefree," he explains.
Wherever I went, I was always the youngest. However, as time went on, I found myself working with younger folks. It was a little overwhelming at first.

Finding a way to approach them was my first task. In order to get to know them more fast, we would go out to eat and text a lot. By the time we started filming, it seemed cozy.

According to the series' director Kim Jin-sung, the concept of cellular memory syndrome adds a new aspect to the typical teen-romance narrative.
"Cellular memory syndrome is a theme in our series, which distinguishes it from similar ones. We attempted to incorporate a fantastical element to enhance the bromance between the two major actors, he adds.
"In the past, teen-romance programs catered to younger audiences. But the show also features our grandparents and parents. Because it includes all generations, our series is distinctive.

Jo also reveals that there will be other themes in the series in addition to romance.
According to him, the show also explores the heartbreaking tale of families, in addition to the characters' typical romance tales and high school lives.
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