by Erik_ba, 25-05-2023, 01:02
Woo Do Hwan Puts on 22 Pounds for His Role in the Netflix Drama "Bloodhounds" poster The recently released stills from the upcoming drama Bloodhounds show Woo Do Hwan and Lee Sang Yi at various occasions as they turn into aspiring boxers for the noir action drama.

In order to make a high-octane action drama that connects with the audience, director Jason Kim changed the initial premise of judo to boxing.
Woo Do Hwan Puts on 22 Pounds for His Role in the Netflix Drama "Bloodhounds"

The emphasis, according to director Kim, was on creating action sequences that not only suited the characters but also showed their development over the course of the series.

Geon Woo, as portrayed by Woo Do Hwan, initially depends only on boxing to overwhelm his opponents, as was made clear by Woo Do Hwan. However, as the plot develops, Geon Woo picks up street fighting skills, which he expertly applies to battle Myung Gil (Park Sung Woong), a cunning loan shark. Geon Woo's development and his exciting adventure will be highlighted in this engaging story arc.

Actor Lee Sang Yi, who plays Hong Woo Jin, said that as his character develops, so does the level of combat prowess displayed by him. In Woo Jin's combat style, he employs a variety of tactical techniques, such as hypnotizing opponents with his right hand and striking them hard with his left, all the while skillfully dodging incoming punches.

The two characters in the series provide a contrast, and their complementary personalities make for the ideal synergy in their action sequences.

The actors' commitment and the blood, sweat, and tears that went into the physical metamorphosis are deserving of mention in addition to their compelling performances. "I packed my lunch box and ate four meals a day to gain 22 pounds, and finally I could see my body gradually changing," Woo Do Hwan said in response to the question on how to grow body. Furthermore, Lee Sang Yi underlined the significance of putting in the necessary work to get shredded abs and a boxer's body.

Particular attention should be paid to Park Sung Woong's portrayal of the ruthless loan shark Kim Myung Gil. The film's stunt coordinator, Park Young Sik, underlined that Myung Gil's actions would be marked by cunning, brutality, and an unethical approach, and that there would be a variety of weapon-based and breathtaking battle scenes. Sung Woo Park The one with a unique charm among all the villains I have played so far is Myeong Gil. I sought to portray him as a cold-blooded sidekick who was steadfastly committed to achieving his objectives.

Director Kim praised the cast's exceptional efforts and their capacity to bring the dramatic action sequences to life. Lee Sang Yi's excellent development as an action hero, despite it being his first foray into the genre, was also lauded by stunt coordinator Park Young Sik, who called Woo Do Hwan one of the most accomplished young actors in executing action scenes.
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