by Erik_ba, 25-05-2023, 13:39
Ok Taec Yeon and Won Ji An's "My Heart Is Beating" has new pictures available poster The much awaited KBS 2TV drama My Heart Is Beating, which will air on Mondays and Tuesdays, will be helmed by Lee Hyun Suk and Lee Min Soo and feature a screenplay by Kim Ha Na and Jung Seung Joo. It is scheduled to debut on June 26.

The new still-cuts revealed provided fans with a look of Ok Taec Yeon and Won Ji An as the excitement for the drama continues to grow.

In the stills, Ok Taec Yeon and Won Ji An are depicted as having very different personalities. Their frenzied cleaning rampage in broad daylight captures the attention of spectators. They take the job quite seriously, putting on gloves and aprons with great care, and using brooms to sweep the floor. These two, who first appeared to have nothing in common, are now connected as a result of an unexplained turn of events, arousing interest in the upcoming show.
Ok Taec Yeon and Won Ji An's "My Heart Is Beating" has new pictures available

Their endearing visual chemistry elevates viewers' enthusiasm as they eagerly await the premiere of the drama even from the still-cut alone.

Seon Woo Hyeol (Ok Taec Yeon), a half-human, half-vampire who nearly lost the opportunity to become entirely human on a day that only occurs once every 100 years, and Joo In Hae (Won Ji An), a lady who is human but lacks empathy, are the two main characters in the fascinating story told in My Heart Is Beating. The two eventually move in together and start a journey to understand what warmth and humanity really mean.
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