by Erik_ba, 26-05-2023, 22:57
The historical drama "Tangeum" is scheduled to be Kim Jae Wook's first acting role in 15 years poster Kim Jae Wook's casting in the upcoming historical drama "Song of the Geomungo: Golden Swallow" (also known as Tangeum) has been confirmed, according to exclusive reporting by Star News on the 24th. Since 2008's "The Kingdom of the Winds" on KBS 2TV, Kim Jae Wook has been away from the historical genre for about 15 years.

Based on the same-titled novel, "Song of the Geomungo: Golden Swallow" is a mystery romance drama. The daughter of a wealthy merchant in the Joseon Dynasty mysteriously vanishes and then reappears with a different appearance while her estranged younger sibling investigates the mystery and unearths a terrible reality.

Grand Prince Hanpyeong, the present king's only sibling, will be portrayed in the drama by Kim Jae Wook. Grand Prince Hanpyeong is sincerely committed to learning and the arts rather than political power or palace concerns. He has an obsession with art, going so far as to lock young infants underground for extended periods of time and use chemicals to make their skin pallid before tattooing them. The monarch and his group are elevated in status thanks to Grand Prince Hanpyeong's usage of amulets to ward off bad luck and ensure stability.

Kim Hong Seon, recognized for his work on OCN's "Voice," "Black," "The Guest," tvN's "L.U.C.A.: The Beginning," Netflix's "Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area," and Coupang Play's "Decoy," will be in charge of directing "Song of the Geomungo: Golden Swallow." Production will be handled by ACEMAKER, and the script was created by Kim Jin Ah, who also worked on "Dr. Brain" on Apple TV+.

The historical drama "Tangeum" is scheduled to be Kim Jae Wook's first acting role in 15 years
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