by Erik_ba, 16-06-2023, 22:46
The actor Song Joong Ki had a son and hopes to be a good father poster By publicly announcing the birth of his baby through a fan cafe on the 14th, Song Joong Ki was able to vent his intense feelings.

The movie 'My Name Is Loh Kiwan' has been completed, as many of you may already be aware, says Song Joong Ki. All those experiences, which I had the honor of having while promoting the film "Hopeless" at the Cannes Film Festival, continue to seem surreal. I'm having wonderful, joyous days right now. "Today, I came here to deliver another dream-like news to all of you first," the speaker added. My wife's birthplace of Rome is where I finally got to meet my baby. His son is healthy. I'm grateful and content to look for my family because the mother and infant are both in good health.

"This is the most valuable present that has come to my wife and me," Song Joong Ki said, "who have always dreamed of having a forever happy family. Such a fantastic day has come to pass as a result of the encouragement and well wishes of numerous individuals. I appreciate it. He wished them well and said so.

The same day, HiSTORY D&C, Song Joong Ki's agency, also announced, "Song Joong Ki has become a father in Italy," and thanked everyone who sent their congrats.

With comments like "The newborn already has long and slender fingers, emitting a handsome aura," internet users are offering blessings and convey messages. He is already clutching his father's hand, and I can't wait to see the adorable child with the remarkable beauty.
The actor Song Joong Ki had a son and hopes to be a good father

Song Joong Ki, meantime, shocked everyone this year when he revealed his romance with former actress Katy Louise Saunders. This was followed by news of their marriage and untimely birth.

Song Joong Ki openly expressed his love for his wife Katy despite his busy schedules abroad and cultivated their relationship without regard for the public's gaze. Now, with everyone's support and congratulations, he welcomes the "fruit of their love" and the zenith of his delight.
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