by Erik_ba, 22-06-2023, 17:59
K-Drama "Welcome to Samdalri" Stars Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hye Sun, it has been confirmed poster The novel Welcome to Samdalri narrates the tale of Sam Dal, who, in contrast to Yong Pil, who has always loved the town stream, succeeds outside of the community only to lose all and come home in search of comfort and healing. The drama features characters that are still weak and immature as adults, offering wonderful moments and comedy.

Written by Kwon Hye Joo, who has written the scripts for the movies Go Back Couple and Hi Bye, Mama! and directed the films When the Camellia Blooms and Forecasting Love and Weather, Their first joint effort will be Welcome to Samdalri. They will play the primary parts, Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hye Sun.

An employee of the Jeju Island Meteorological Office named Cho Yong Pil is played by Ji Chang Wook. Cho Yong Pil is a well-known troublemaker who resists authority from the headquarters. He participates in verbal arguments with the head of the meteorological office and consistently questions the accuracy of the weather predictions made by the headquarters. He nourished the desire of becoming a forecaster after losing his mother, a haenyeo (Jeju female diver). He fiercely defends and cherishes Jeju Island, especially his cherished "Samchun" (the dialectal term for grownups in Jeju). He's been called a troublemaker, but he still does a great job forecasting the weather.

The character of Cho Eun Hye or Cho Sam Dal will come to life thanks to Shin Hye Sun. Sam Dal had aspirations of leaving the island as soon as she could as a child. As a result, she began a challenging assistant career in the field of fashion photography under the alias Cho Eun Hye, suffering hardships for eight years before ascending to the top. However, a certain incident causes her hard-earned prosperity to shatter. Later, she makes her way back to the stream, where she continues to go by the name "Sam Dal" and dreams of prosperity.

Sam Dal and Yong Pil were both reared in Samdalri and have been inseparable ever since, spending more time together than apart. However, due to an unidentified incident, they lost touch for a while. The long-separated couple will set off on a touching and thrilling journey of rediscovering their intense affection and love as Sam Dal returns to the hometown that Yong Pil treasures.

The production crew extends a warm welcome to Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hye Sun, saying they hope the two actors, who radiate positive energy, can enhance the success of JTBC dramas in 2023 with their outstanding performances.

The distinctive talents of writer Kwon Hye Joo and director Cha Young Hoon are highlighted in the drama Welcome to Samdalri, they added. In a world that moves quickly, the drama will challenge viewers to consider the worth of their forgotten hopes, memories, and the myriad connections that exist only momentarily.
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