by Erik_ba, 29-06-2023, 01:44
"D.P. Season 2" Reveals Teaser Poster and Trailer! poster "D.P. Season 2" Reveals Teaser Poster and Trailer![/center]
Netflix's highly anticipated series "D.P." has ignited the excitement of fans as they unveil the teaser poster and trailer, confirming the arrival of Season 2 on July 28th. This gripping show follows the journey of Joon Ho (played by Jung Hae In) and Ho Yul (portrayed by Koo Kyo Hwan), both members of the Deserter Pursuit unit. As they persistently confront an unchanging reality filled with absurdity, viewers are in for another thrilling season.

The newly released poster captures Joon Ho's presence amidst armed soldiers, with his cap pressed down and a sense of determination in his gaze. Although reminiscent of the Season 1 teaser poster in terms of composition, Joon Ho's transformed visage reveals his evolution from a rookie recruit to a dedicated member of the D.P. unit. Accompanying his weary expression is the thought-provoking caption, "If you don't do anything, nothing will ever change," which intensifies curiosity about the ongoing narrative of these fascinating individuals.

The teaser trailer of D.P. Season 2 highlights the persistent absurdity and unchanging reality following the incident involving Private Cho Seok Bong (Jo Hyun Chul). It portrays the ongoing plight of Kim Ru Ri (Moon Sang Hoon), who endured repeated violence and torment in the military, leading him to open fire on his comrades. Amidst this, Joon Ho emerges as a contrasting character, assuring others that nothing will happen while realizing he can never return as a deserter. The extraordinary experiences faced by ordinary individuals and the unknown path it will lead them on become the center of attention.

The weariness etched on the faces of the D.P. team, who tirelessly pursue their mission, coupled with Cho Seok Bong's uncertain fate and his belief that nothing has changed, resonate strongly with the audience. Director Han Jun Hee, who both wrote and directed the series, expresses his fondness for Season 2, emphasizing that rather than aiming to preserve or alter elements from the previous season, they strived to faithfully follow each character's intended trajectory.

With the returning major production team and cast, D.P. Season 2 was meticulously crafted with careful consideration, dedication, and a commitment to capturing global interest. It aims to continue the unfinished narrative and will be available for streaming on Netflix starting July 28th.
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