by Erik_ba, 14-07-2023, 21:32
In the Initial Snapshot, Ahn Eun Jin Unveils a Pure Radiance as 'My Dearest' poster Creating high anticipation, MBC's upcoming drama My Dearest is set to premiere on August 4th. This human historical melodrama beautifully depicts the love between two individuals who are torn apart amidst the chaos of war and the resilience of the people. Bringing together acclaimed writer Hwang Jin Young, known for her work on The King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang, and Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People, and director Kim Sung Yong, who previously helmed The Veil, the drama also marks Namkoong Min's triumphant return to the historical genre after a decade.
In the Initial Snapshot, Ahn Eun Jin Unveils a Pure Radiance as 'My Dearest'

In My Dearest, Ahn Eun Jin portrays the character Yoo Gil Chae, the female lead. Yoo Gil Chae hails from a privileged noble family and experiences personal growth as she deeply mourns a man amidst the devastation of war. Ahn Eun Jin, an accomplished actress admired for her exceptional talent and unique charisma, has emerged as one of the most sought-after performers in 2023. Audiences eagerly anticipate her portrayal in My Dearest, as well as the harmonious chemistry she will exhibit alongside her co-star Namkoong Min, who plays the role of Lee Jang Hyun.

On July 11th, the production team of My Dearest unveiled the long-awaited debut still of Ahn Eun Jin amidst the ongoing events. Captured amidst a snow-covered mountain landscape, Ahn Eun Jin stands resiliently as white snowflakes gracefully descend from the sky. Despite bundling up in warm attire and earmuffs to shield herself from the biting cold, her gaze captures a sense of untainted innocence, reflecting her pure-hearted nature. Another image reveals a slightly strained expression, alluding to an imminent and captivating scenario. The combination of her innocence and undeniable charm leaves an indelible mark on viewers, evoking a profound impression.

Central focus is directed towards the transformation of Ahn Eun Jin, capturing significant attention. In 2023, Ahn Eun Jin garnered immense affection due to her portrayal in The Good Bad Mother, effectively showcasing her adeptness as an actress. Consequently, there is a considerable anticipation surrounding her forthcoming endeavor. Opting for the enduring historical drama My Dearest, she embarks on a remarkable journey as one of the most prominent figures in the acting realm for 2023. Her unwavering dedication and fervor for personal growth as an actress are strikingly apparent. Every nuanced expression exudes delicate emotions, raising expectations for her poised and skillful performance in this historical opus.

The production team behind My Dearest has commented on this matter, stating, "Within the drama, Yoo Gil Chae experiences the most profound transformation. It presents a challenging task for any actress. However, Ahn Eun Jin flawlessly embodies the vivacious and captivating Yoo Gil Chae from the very first shooting. We witnessed her diligent efforts and meticulous preparation. We eagerly anticipate Ahn Eun Jin's active involvement in this role, as she transitions from being the 'most anticipated actress' to a 'reliable actress' through her portrayal in My Dearest."
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