by Erik_ba, 20-07-2023, 21:18
"Something in the Rain" Director in Talks with Jung Ryeo Won for Leading Role in Upcoming Rom-Com K-Drama poster On July 19th, media outlets announced that Jung Ryeo Won has been cast as the lead in an upcoming romantic comedy K-drama called "Graduation."

Addressing the reports, Jung Ryeo Won's agency, H& Entertainment, confirmed that she indeed received an offer to star in the K-drama and is currently evaluating the proposal.

The much-anticipated series marks the return of director Ahn Pan Seok, renowned for his previous works such as "One Spring Night," "Something in the Rain," "Heard it Through the Grapevine," "Secret Love Affair," "The End of the World," and "A Wife’s Credentials."

"Graduation" will revolve around a love story between a man and a woman who were in a relationship during their student days and later cross paths as instructors in an academy now that they are adults.

While additional details about the K-drama "Graduation" are yet to be disclosed, fans eagerly await more information about the show.
"Something in the Rain" Director in Talks with Jung Ryeo Won for Leading Role in Upcoming Rom-Com K-Drama

In the event that Jung Ryeo Won finalizes her casting, it will mark her second upcoming K-drama project. She is slated to take on the lead role in the forthcoming romance series titled "The Married Couple Is Jobless," alongside Yoon Kye Sang.

Notably, in the previous year, Jung Ryeo Won was at the forefront of the Disney+ original K-drama "May It Please the Court," sharing the screen with Lee Kyu Hyung, Jung Jin Young, Kim Hye Eun, Kim Sang Ho, and Girls Day's Park So Jin.

Throughout her career, Jung Ryeo Won has gained recognition for her appearances in a wide array of K-dramas, including "Diary of a Prosecutor," "Wok of Love," "Witch's Court," "Bubblegum," "Medical Top Team," "The King of Dramas," "My Lovely Sam Soon," "Hello, Franceska," "Saxophone," and more.
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