by Erik_ba, 27-07-2023, 00:10
"Revealing the Enigma: Namkoong Min's Decade-Long Hiatus and Sudden Appearance in a Historical Drama as 'My Dearest'" poster MBC's upcoming historical melodrama "My Dearest," directed by Kim Sung Yong and penned by Hwang Jin Young, is set to grace our screens starting August 4th. This poignant tale revolves around a couple's love tragically severed amidst the tumultuous Donghak Peasant Revolution and the indomitable spirit of the people. Anticipation builds as Namkoong Min's much-awaited return to the historical genre and his debut in a compelling melodramatic role take the spotlight after a decade-long absence.
"Revealing the Enigma: Namkoong Min's Decade-Long Hiatus and Sudden Appearance in a Historical Drama as 'My Dearest'"

Namkoong Min reflected on his choice to participate in "My Dearest," sharing that he typically selects projects based on his initial script reading without any preconceived knowledge. At the time he received the script, he was only aware of Director Kim Sung Yong's involvement as the director. However, upon delving into the script, he discovered its immense enjoyment, leading to his decision to take on the role.

As he proceeded, he remarked on how smoothly he could read through the unfamiliar words and sentences, which are not commonly employed in daily life. Concurrently, he naturally envisaged how Director Kim Sung Yong would approach the direction, making these aspects particularly enticing. Ultimately, it was the prospect of filming "My Dearest" with exhilaration that truly captivated him.

Namkoong Min, when discussing My Dearest's highlights, emphasized the paramount importance of historical precision while filming. The endeavor to portray intricate makeup and costumes consumed substantial dedication. Additionally, given the narrative's war context, collaborative efforts with numerous individuals were invested to convey the action sequences with vibrant authenticity. Namkoong Min expresses a genuine desire for the audience to relish their viewing experience.

Namkoong Min expressed his anticipation for the viewers eagerly waiting for the premiere of My Dearest, saying, "I am greeting you all with a historical drama after a long time. It's a work that holds great expectations for me as an actor and personally. Especially because we traveled to various locations across the country for filming, we were able to capture many beautiful scenes of Korea. I believe there will be many lovely scenes for the viewers to enjoy. There are elements in the drama that will appeal to audiences of all ages, so I ask for your continued support and viewership."
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