by Erik_ba, 27-07-2023, 00:13
"Capturing the Heartbeat: Ok Taec Yeon, Won Ji An, and Yoon So Hee's Serendipitous Encounter" poster In the upcoming 9th episode of KBS2's Monday-Tuesday drama Heartbeat, viewers can expect interesting developments as Seon Woo Hyeol (played by Ok Taec Yeon) and Joo In Hae (played by Won Ji An) welcome a visit from Na Hae Won (played by Yoon So Hee) at their shared house.

The story revolves around the "Ilmyeonsik" guesthouse, a project initiated by Woo Hyeol and In Hae with the assistance of Shin Do Shik (played by Park Kang Hyun) and Hae Won. As Hae Won takes an interest in the enigmatic Woo Hyeol, she approaches him with gifts like tea and drawings to get to know him better.

Meanwhile, Woo Hyeol finds himself in a state of confusion, as In Hae strongly resembles Yoon Hae Sun (played by Yoon So Hee). This resemblance adds intrigue to the direction of their relationship in the future.

Newly released stills capture the trio at the guesthouse, sparking curiosity among the audience. It's Hae Won's first visit to "Ilmyeonsik" after investing in it, and she warmly reunites with In Hae, enjoying a joyful time together until Woo Hyeol's sudden appearance.

Observing Woo Hyeol and In Hae together, Hae Won's eyes betray a subtle expression. Her nature of pursuing things relentlessly adds significance to her gaze, leaving viewers speculating about her intentions.

In another intriguing still, Woo Hyeol is seen embracing Hae Won, further fueling curiosity about the significance of this intimate moment and its implications for the upcoming broadcast.
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