by Erik_ba, 9-08-2023, 18:39
Confirmed Release Slot for 'Possession' Starring Kang Dong Won and Esom poster
The confirmed release schedule has been announced for the upcoming movie "Possession." Slated for a September premiere, the K-movie has also introduced an intriguing teaser poster and trailer.

Helmed by Kim Sung Sik, Possession narrates the tale of Dr. Cheon, a fraudulent exorcist. Dr. Cheon lacks the ability to perceive or communicate with spirits, leading him to orchestrate fake exorcism rituals. The narrative takes an unexpected turn when he is approached by Yoo Kyung, a client beseeching him to liberate her sibling from a state of possession. However, this particular case proves to be uniquely formidable, pushing Dr. Cheon beyond his prior encounters.

This cinematic creation draws its inspiration from the webtoon Bingui.

In conjunction with the release declaration, a captivating teaser poster has been revealed, with Kang Dong Won's presence radiating amidst a fiery backdrop.
Confirmed Release Slot for 'Possession' Starring Kang Dong Won and Esom

Actor Kang Dong Won assumes the role of Dr. Cheon, while Heo Joon Ho embodies Beom Cheon, a hunter of shamans' spiritual powers. Esom takes on the character of Yoo Kyung, who enlists Dr. Cheon's help to rescue her possessed sibling. Lee Dong Hwi depicts In Bae, Dr. Cheon's partner, ensuring a captivating on-screen dynamic. Lastly, Kim Jong Soo portrays CEO Hwang, an ally of Dr. Cheon.

With its intriguing characters, inventive storyline, heart-pounding escapades, and unforeseeable turns, the film generates excitement for its upcoming release. Possession is poised to grace the theaters this coming September, although the specific premiere date for this K-movie is still under wraps. Stay tuned for more updates!
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