by Erik_ba, 23-08-2023, 19:24
Entangled in a Grave Atmosphere: Hwang Min Hyun and Kim So Hyun in the Web of Deceit as My Beloved Deceivers poster On the 22nd of the month, stills from the tvN show My Lovely Liar were unveiled. These stills, which capture the altered countenances of Mok Sol Hee (acted by Kim So Hyun) and Kim Do Ha (portrayed by Hwang Min Hyun), have ignited interest among the audience. The modifications in their gazes allude to the perplexity and discomfort prevailing between them. This drama is helmed by director Nam Sung Woo and scripted by Seo Jung Eun.
Entangled in a Grave Atmosphere: Hwang Min Hyun and Kim So Hyun in the Web of Deceit as My Beloved Deceivers

Mok Sol Hee and Kim Do Ha came to recognize their unique bond in the prior installment. Even though she confessed to being accustomed to falsehoods, Mok Sol Hee felt appreciative of Kim Do Ha's companionship. Simultaneously, Kim Do Ha opted to reveal his distressing history to Mok Sol Hee, motivated by his faith in her. Regrettably, his declaration, "I'm innocent," happened to be a falsehood. Encountering yet another astounding untruth threw Mok Sol Hee into chaos, heightening the feeling of impending disaster.

Amidst all of this, the tension between Mok Sol Hee and Kim Do Ha intensifies, sparking intrigue. During the late hours, Kim Do Ha once again seeks out Mok Sol Hee. His eyes carry the weight of injuries, accompanied by an aura of restlessness. Surveying Kim Do Ha's wounded hand, Mok Sol Hee's countenance mirrors a complicated emotional state. A teary-eyed Mok Sol Hee and a bewildered Kim Do Ha, grappling to fathom what he has heard, give rise to a delicate situation. Given her past riddled with a multitude of falsehoods, Mok Sol Hee remains unperturbed by deception. However, Kim Do Ha's untruths rewrite the narrative. With a sly grin, Kim Do Ha, harboring a concealed truth, summons the courage to unveil it. The shifting dynamics of emotions between the two, once brimming with mutual reliance, morph into a source of fascination.

The creators behind My Lovely Liar revealed, "With Kim Do Ha's second falsehood, Mok Sol Hee finds herself grappling with uncertainty. Witness the profound impact of this unforeseen dilemma on the destinies of these two individuals."
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