by Lara, 6-12-2022, 02:59
Kang Ki Young to possibly have his first ever lead role in a new K-drama poster The main character Sa Ra's amicable response to the justices over marriage will be shown in "I Will Go Until the End." The new series will be directed by Park Jin Suk ("Sell Your Haunted House," "School 2017," and "Haeundae Lovers") and written by Jung Hee Sun.
According to reports on November 23, Kang Ki Young will be the main lead of the upcoming k-drama.
Kang Ki Young's agency Namoo Actors, responded to the casting reports and stated that the actor did receive the offer and he is positively reviewing to star in the series.

A role in the Korean drama was also offered to actress Lee Ji Ah. According to reports, she will bring the Sa Ra figure to life.
The role that was offered to Kang Ki Young is still unknown in an official sense.

"I Will Go Until the End" will only air on JTBC, but the exact air date has not yet been determined.

This will be Kang Ki Young's first leading role since his debut if his casting is confirmed. The actor has a long history in the business, appearing in a variety of supporting roles.
Many are eagerly looking forward to the actor's next move after he gained notoriety through the ENA k-drama "Extraordinary Attorney Woo."

Kang Ki Young will appear in "The Uncanny Counter 2" as well as "I Will Go Until the End" in its upcoming season. He'll be the series' newest member.
The second season of "Extraordinary Attorney Woo" is anticipated to premiere in 2024, and Kang Ki Young is also anticipated to return.
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