by Erik_ba, 17-12-2022, 20:28
«Start Up» production team is giving a main role in a new K-drama to Park Eun Bin poster A new romantic comedy series is apparently going to star Park Eun Bin!
On December 14th, a number of media outlets reported that Oh Choong Hwan and Park Hye Ryun, who created the K-dramas "Start-Up" and "While You Were Sleeping," will employ Park Eun Bin as their source of inspiration.

The casting reports were addressed to the agency of Park Eun Bin, Namoo Actors, which has responded to some questions. The agency states, "Park Eun Bin is now considering one of the suggested works invitations."
If Park Eun Bin confirms her casting, this will be her next project following the acclaimed ENA k-drama "Extraordinary Attorney Woo." After this successful series, many people are impatiently looking forward to the actress's next project.

Additionally, it was just published that Park Eun Bin won the Gallup Korea Talent of the Year competition.
Following her role as "Extraordinary Attorney Woo," Park Eun Bin made and extended more success. Since her debut, she has acquired a number of commercial films and even attended her first fan gathering. She also performed a fan meet-up tour throughout Asia.

Park Eun Bin is well-known for playing the lead role in several other Korean dramas in addition to "Extraordinary Attorney Woo," including "The King's Affection," "Do You Like Brahms?" "Hot Stove League," "Age of Youth," and others.

"Diva of Deserted Island" is the name of the K-drama that Park Eun Bin has been offered. After a three-year break, writer Park Hye Ryun and director Oh Choong Hwan will collaborate once again on this project.

The film "Diva of Deserted Island" tells the tale of a woman who spent 15 years on an isolated island following a terrible tragedy.

A part of the main character Mokha was offered to Park Eun Bin. She is a young lady who wants to become a singer. She was nominated for the UCC Contest while following her dream of becoming a singer, but she finally strayed to a remote island and became lost for a considerable amount of time.

The broadcast channel, the date of release, and any additional cast members that might collaborate alongside Park Eun Bin are still unknown.
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