by Erik_ba, 19-12-2022, 21:12
Jang Gyuri discusses her first significant television role in Cheer Up, her decision to leave, and other topics poster In a recent interview, Jang Gyu Ri talked about her first significant TV role and her decision to leave the girl group from 9. She was praised for her role in the well-liked SBS drama "Cheer Up," in which she played Tae Cho Hee, the vice-captain of the cheerleading squad Theia. In the conversation, she stated:

"I wouldn't be telling the truth if I said there wasn't any pressure because this was my first drama after continuing to start acting on my own, and it was also my first time playing the lead in a drama on terrestrial TV. But because I wasn't the story's central character, I was able to reduce some of the pressure. My co-stars were a great source of knowledge and support for me. I had a lot of encouragement from everyone."

When talking about leaving fromis 9, Jang Gyu Ri claimed that she found it difficult to combine her acting and the group's planned activities. It physically exhausted her and she felt she couldn't give both her entire attention. She apologized for missing practice and expressed regret about the potential harm she might have done to the other team members.

Jang Gyu Ri indicated curiosity in trying new things, including fight scenes, and displayed a passion for acting during the interview. She mentioned taking a class in action methods and feeling confident in her skills because of her previous experience in ballet, figure skating, and Korean dance.

Following her participation in the Mnet survival program "Idol School," Jang Gyu Ri made her debut with fromis 9 in 2018. She announced her retirement from the group in July 2022 in order to concentrate on her acting career even though she had been acting steadily while a member of the group.
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