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The Korean drama «The Fabulous» stands up to its name poster The Fabulous has some exciting aspects, like the fashion (in addition to the narrative, of course). This "hyper-realistic" series is about the South Korean fashion industry.

In The Fabulous, four teenage friends struggle to succeed in the "backstage" of the fashion industry. It reveals the unique tales that lie behind the flashy surface of fashion. Their battles, embarrassments, setbacks, victories, and love entanglements are all part of the story. The only thing keeping them motivated in their chosen occupations to succeed in the competitive field is their passion.

"Ride or die" is the shared slogan of the four millennial buddies. They remind themselves by shouting it out when they are having a difficult time in life. For these unaffected beginners, it's all or nothing.

The Korean drama «The Fabulous» stands up to its name

Ji Woo-min is portrayed by Choi Min-ho and is a freelance photographer who is "provided with everything besides enthusiasm." With the discovery and reunion of his first love, this changes. Woo-min isn't motivated and doesn't have a lifelong goal, although he thinks a lot, according to Min-ho. His gradual development of a passion for life is evidence of his personal progress.

He immersed himself in this position by studying under a skilled photographer and learning about cameras and lighting. He is at ease in front of cameras because he is a K-pop idol and actor, but he claims that he has "so much more respect for photographers" now that he has seen life behind the camera.

After reading the script, what was his initial reaction? " It hit me as being incredibly lovel"y. Even though it was a narrative about the fashion sector, which I could identify with, it also accurately reflected the stories about the industry I am presently working in. I decided to make a personal commitment to represent the character as accurately as possible.

In addition to being a part of the renowned K-pop group Shinee, Min-ho has been in a number of dramas, including Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, Lovestruck in the City, Yumi's Cells, and The Battle of Jangsari.

His love interest Pyo Ji-eun, who does marketing duties for a luxury brand agency, is portrayed by Chae Soo-bin. She plays a likeable character in Lee Je-Where Hoon's Stars Land. She appeared in the intriguing Netflix movie Sweet and Sour as well.

She went to a PR agency for a high-end company to get ready for her job. Since Ji-eun appreciates beauty, it was only inevitable that she would find the fashion industry appealing. Other elements of the drama also caught the actress' attention: "Many sections of the story resonated with me since it portrayed the effort, love, and friendships of the people who were similar to me," she said.

Her "therapeutic" buddies, who meet up after work to unwind and help her cope with stress, are more relatable. "I turn to friends for comfort when I'm worn out and feel defeated." In her additional statement, she continues, "I think the key areas of focus for The Fabulous is that the series involves not only of the chemistry of the four characters, but also incorporates the beautiful settings and attractions like the fashion streets in Seoul and so forth."

Newcomer Lee Sang-woon, who plays Joseph, a creative designer who is endearing and naive but yet confident, is one of the four buddies. Joseph is ambitious and full of excellent ideas, as he says in his description of his character. Experiences help him to grow.

Supermodel Ye Seon-ho is portrayed by Park Hee-jung. She gives her persona a lot of reality because she is a true top model. She walked the runways for well-known labels like Dior, Balmain, and Burberry before becoming an exclusive model for Louis Vuitton for the 2017 Fall/Winter season.

She flew in from Paris for this audition because she was so desperate to get the part. It's her debut in an acting role. She was asked if she found acting as a role model easier in her first role. She said, "The catwalk was the simplest." Even so, she continuously seeks advice from the drama's director while she works on her acting skills.

The Fabulous is directed by Kim Jeong-hyeon, who is known for the films Secret Garden, Gu Family Book, and Korean Odyssey. Following his reading of the script, director Kim claimed that he had the impression that "this was a simple but trendy series that broke away from the usual vibe of the romantic comedy genre."

He drew inspiration from fashion films and documentaries and concentrated on finding the ideal harmony and balance between truth and drama. He also spoke with individuals who have worked in the fashion industry or are currently employed there. He describes the drama as having characters who "enjoy their own styles and are passionate about their love life."

He had a unique style of acting direction. The MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) for each character was provided by Kim, according to Chae Soo-bin, who noted that this was a very valuable tool for gaining a more detailed understanding of each character's personality. Now, this MBTI is well-liked in Korea. Pyo Ji-eun, who plays her, is an ENFJ, which indicates she exhibits extroverted, intuition, feeling, and judgment characteristics.

Ji Woo-min, a character played by Choi Min-ho, is an INFJ, a personality type that is introverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging. The four performers, who were at first shy, were also helped greatly by director Kim to get along and make friends.

The different and numerous OOTDs are, as was already noted, not to be missed. Hair and makeup artists, as well as well-known designers like Minju Kim, the winner of the reality television competition Next in Fashion, Jaybaek Couture, LEE y.LEE y, YCH, and Doucan, were enlisted to help create the ideal visuals for The Fabulous.

The inspiration for Joseph's designs came from Minju Kim, whose outfits are praised for being both gorgeous and truly Korean. In her words, "develop a collection and design for Joseph that is burning more brightly than anything else, alongside Joseph who is playful, like a child." She produced an astonishing 150 pieces for the play.

The Fabulous is about lasting friendship in addition to fashion. When you share happiness, it is twofold, according to a proverb, said director Kim Jeong-hyeon. The amount of suffering you experience is reduced when you share it.

Starting on December 23, The Fabulous is available on Netflix.
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